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Return on Investment

Automating time and labor management with a solution from IntegriTime Solutions, Inc. enables companies to achieve outstanding return on investment. ROI tends to be particularly high for companies that migrate from a manual environment.

The primary benefits of an automated time and attendance system are reduced payroll errors, reduced payroll inflation, lower overtime costs, and improved productivity. In the case of the legacy WinSTAR time and attendance system, eliminating costlier support and maintaining obsolete personal computers and servers.

Reduced payroll errors:
Simplifying time and attendance workflows and eliminating the use of paper time cards and time sheets means that data is manually transferred less frequently, reducing the amount of human error that can increase payroll costs. This increases accuracy, reduces rework, and reduces payroll overpayments. Nucleus Research finds that companies have an average payroll error rate of 1.2 percent of total payroll.

The level of payroll error at a company will vary based upon factors such as:

  • Work Rule environment complexity: The more pay rules that a company has to adhere to as a result of union agreements, as well as federal, state, and local regulations, the more likely there are to be payroll errors that result in overpayments to employees.
  • Workflow complexity: The more time and attendance data is manually exchanged from one person to another — including employees, managers, and payroll administrators — the greater will be the amount of payroll error or omission.
  • Number of locations: The more stores, offices, or plant locations your company has, the more likely errors are to occur as the data is exchanged in manual workflows.


Benefit: Reduced payroll inflation
With time and attendance workflows that are semi-automated or manual, the accuracy of attendance data provided by employees cannot be assured. There are a number of ways that this can inflate a company’s payroll:

  • Employee Time Theft: Includes late arrival or early departure, taking long lunch hours and breaks and/or slowing down the work pace to create overtime
  • Buddy punching: Employees can fraudulently increase the number of hours they get paid for by having a coworker punch them in even though they are not at the work site
  • Clock rounding: If an employee clocks in before they begin their assigned shift, some attendance systems will pay them for that extra time even though they were not working
  • Inconsistency: Attendance and pay rules can be applied inconsistently or even with favoritism, which increases payroll

Benefit: Reduced overtime
In the absence of reporting from an automated time and attendance system, managers typically do not know how many hours their employees have worked. This can be a problem when managers want to allocate work or shift time, but want to give that time to employees who have worked the least hours, so that overtime costs can be minimized.

Solutions from IntegriTime include standardized reports that tell managers who are approaching overtime, which enables managers to more cost effectively assign work and cut overtime costs.

Benefit: Improved productivity
Many companies use highly complex and manual processes in order to compile and certify their time and attendance information. When these workflows and processes are replaced by a system from IntegriTime, a variety of workers become more productive:

  • Employees- Are able to efficiently provide their time and attendance data over the Web, at their PC, or at time clocks. Employees can also review benefit balances which frees up time from managers, Payroll, or Human Resources.
  • Managers- Become more productive because they are able to quickly view, approve, and submit attendance information from employees.
  • Payroll administrators- No longer have to manually collect, check, and transmit data from time sheets.

IntegriTime can also automate workflows in the areas of leave and activities. By providing PC or Web-based ways for employees and managers to efficiently exchange information about requests, absences, vacation time, and the projects they are working on, these solutions enable people to become more productive.

Benefit: Retirement of legacy systems such as WinSTAR
Automating time and attendance with Attendance Enterprise or Attendance on Demand typically enables companies to retire existing time and labor management systems that are more difficult to maintain, costlier to service, and have limited functionality. This also enables managers to improve workflows and reduce costs. When retiring a legacy system, benefits will include both the elimination of annual license maintenance fees and the cost of internal and external staff to maintain the system to be retired.

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