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Benefits for Payroll, HR, IT, and Executives

Attendance Enterprise and Attendance on Demand delivers critical advantages for employees, managers and administrators. Improve workforce performance, reduce labor cost and align your workforce with your corporate goals. IntegriTime’s workforce solutions enable you to spend more time focusing on strategic business activities.

Whether you’re a human resources, financial, operations or information technology (IT) professional, IntegriTime can help you address issues you face in workforce management and productivity.

IntegriTime can help professionals across finance, operations, human resources and IT:

  • Impact the bottom line
  • Improve labor compliance and payroll accuracy
  • Focus on your employees, not administrative tasks
  • Streamline and simplify deployment with SaaS solutions

Our web deployed browser portal gives Payroll, HR, Supervisors & Executives a powerful and modern dashboard-style user interface unmatched in the industry. These dashboards can be configured with numerous views and drill down information items.

Payroll & HR- Focus on your employees, not administrative tasks. Too often, Payroll and human resource professionals find themselves mired in details and overwhelmed by time-consuming administrative tasks. IntegriTime’s years of experience in delivering effective, results-oriented workforce management services can help you deliver streamlined, user-friendly Payroll and human resource processes to your organization so you can devote your energy to more strategic initiatives.

IntegriTime can help you:

Payroll Dashboard- Get Payroll done accurately and quickly! Gauges will typically show “critical issues” such as Missing Punches that will halt payroll if not immediately fixed. Payroll monitoring presents real time status so that errors are flagged and corrected before exporting to a payroll service or program. The Status field tells you whether it is okay to proceed with payroll, or whether issues must be corrected first. The Issues field lists the number of total issues that could interfere with payroll, as well as the number of critical issues that must be corrected before running payroll.

Screenshot- Payroll Dashboard

Supervisor Dashboard- Displays issues that enable better production from labor force. The dashboard is specially geared to “non-critical issues” such as Tardy and Absenteeism that enables Supervisors to better enforce policies. This Dashboard also contains Scheduling gauges to easily create and change schedules as needed for better productivity.

Supervisors can also “Grant” or “Deny” Automated Leave Requests from their employees easily and in a timely manner.

Screenshot- Calendar Dashboard


Financial Executives- Solutions to impact the bottom line! Finance and Operations executives are focused on helping the organization perform more efficiently to contain costs and boost profits. IntegriTime gives your company the tools you need to streamline and consolidate administrative tasks. Plus, we help you gain greater insight with advanced analytics and dashboards.

IntegriTime solutions help you:

  • Eliminate redundancies for better efficiency
  • Improve labor compliance and payroll accuracy
  • Refine labor budgeting and scheduling processes

Executive Dashboard- Displays data critical to cutting costs and higher efficiency. Gauges geared to “costs of running an organization” such as Actual vs. Scheduled, Premiums and Overtime with approaching Overtime gauge.

Effectively identify, track, trend, and correct Time & Labor Management issues as you evaluate the health of the “key area” of your organization, labor allocation, productivity and costs.

By continually identifying operational inefficiencies related to your labor force- especially Overtime, you can start to proactively identify and apply corrective measures that increase the bottom line.

Screenshot- Executive Dashboard


IT- Streamline and simplify with our SaaS solutions. IT executives are looking for scalable, cloud-based solutions that offer easy implementation, quick user adoption, and, of course, cost savings for the organization. IntegriTime has the technology and trusted results you need right now and in the future.

IntegriTime will empower you to:

  • Focus your internal IT resources more strategically
  • Streamline processes and infrastructure
  • Contain costs and directly contribute to business growth

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