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Making your life easier:

We work on simplifying your manual labor and payroll related tasks, enabling you to concentrate on more strategic activities.


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There are 3 principle financial benefit areas:

  • Time Savings
  • Elimination of Human Error
  • Control of Employee Time Theft

Time Savings: Implementing Attendance Enterprise will save time from punch to payroll- current payroll processing time is going to be radically reduced. Attendance Enterprise Employee Self Service takes the pressure off Human Resources, Payroll and Supervisors by providing employees with convenient and secure access to their own up-to-date benefit balances and usage history.

Elimination of Human Error: Organizations using Attendance Enterprise receive cost savings from a reduction of payroll errors. Because labor is often the biggest expense item in an organization, it may represent 40% to 50% of its costs. The American Payroll Association shows an error rate of between 1-8% of total payroll in companies that use traditional timecards and shows that the payroll overpayment errors represent 0.5% to 1.5% of gross payroll.

Employee Time Theft: A leading authority on employment issues has conducted numerous surveys relative to employee time theft and concluded that the average employee “steals” approximately 4.5 hours per week from his employer or nearly six full work weeks per year. “Buddy punching” is the age-old problem where employees punch in & out at the time clock for each other. Employee time theft may be costing your business more than you think! Nucleus Research found that organizations can save 2.2 percent of gross payroll annually on average by eliminating buddy punching through the use of innovative biometric technology.

IntegriTime and Attendance Enterprise have worked to streamline and improve our employee Time & Labor Management tracking process. Plus, we were able to totally eliminate the error-prone and faulty methods of the past. I’m confident we achieved our return on investment in this system in only a few short months. Michiel Van Meurs, ERP Administrator - REMEC Broadband Wireless

Executive Dashboard

The “Executive Dashboard” in Attendance Enterprise displays data critical to cutting costs and higher Workforce efficiency. This tool will effectively identify, track, trend and correct Time & Labor Management issues as you evaluate the health of the “key areas” of your organization- labor allocation, productivity and costs. Attendance Enterprise provides a way to monitor the success of projects, task forces, work groups or the performance of departments or entire companies using built-in Budgeting that compares your labor budget dollars to employee schedules, as well as to the actual hours employees work.

The Coverage Budgets module also calculates and measures labor ratios that are important to you, helping ensure optimal labor coverage and predictable labor costs. By continually identifying operational inefficiencies related to your labor force- especially Overtime, you can start to proactively identify and apply corrective measures that increase the bottom line.

Consistent Policies

Attendance Enterprise will reduce potential litigation, grievances and audit risk with a single solution for applying, storing and accessing your Workforce information. Attendance Enterprise minimizes compliance risks by consistently applying policies- whether the policies are Federal, State, internal or industry-specific.

Now more than ever, your organization must comply with Federal laws such as FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act) and FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)- you may be fined and/or penalized if you're not. Are you paying correctly to your Union workers according to their Bargaining Agreement? If not, you have left your organization open to potential costly litigation.


Our ultimate goal at IntegriTime is enabling you to complete Payroll accurately, swiftly and get checks out on time. We focus on simplifying your manual payroll related tasks. Here are some examples where IntegriTime, with Attendance Enterprise, will automate your manual tasks:

  • Benefit accruals
  • Absence management tracking
  • Automatically calculates FMLA eligibility
  • automatically calculates FLSA using "blended rates"
  • Leave management
  • Payroll interfaces
  • Handles even the most complex pay policies & Union Bargaining Agreements


Attendance Enterprise Points & Incidents automates and enforces your attendance policies. Taking disciplinary action to enforce compliance with attendance policies requires close management and careful tracking of employee attendance.

By implementing Attendance Enterprise Points & Incidents, it is possible to enact the best practices that can improve productivity, help ensure continuity and compliance, and reduce costs. As a result, absence will be controlled and employee morale will improve.

Self Service

On average, Human Resources and Payroll receives 4.8 requests for information per employee per year, spending an average of 12 minutes per request providing information to employees... a total of almost an hour (57.6 minutes) per employee per year. The average employee saves 15 minutes per month by using Employee Self Service. The average manager saves 3 hours per employee per year due to Employee Self Service. (Nucleus Research, Inc.)

Attendance Enterprise Employee Self Service takes the pressure off Human Resources, Payroll and Supervisors by providing employees with convenient and secure access to their own up-to-date benefit balances and usage history. Additionally, with Employee Self Service, your employees can punch or enter hours worked, transfer to different departments, access their schedule, archived time card information and request time off.

Network Performance

Attendance Enterprise Processing View

The application has 3 different configurations to best fit your environment.

Thick Client Processing

In a thick client installation, all Attendance Enterprise components are installed on a single computer. All of the data, business rules, and performance management calculations occur on a single computer. This computer also renders the user interface. For small businesses, the client computer may also host the database. Performance on this computer can be affected when processor-intensive activities occur, such as recomputes or large current period reports.

Thin Client Processing

A thick client installation uses various settings in Attendance Enterprise to offload processing. In this case, an application server performs time card calculations, automated task processing, and other business rules and performance management functions. The client computer, at which the user works, renders the user interface. The database also resides on a separate database server.

Web Component Processing

Attendance Enterprise web components — Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, and Kiosk — require an IIS server to maintain the web site that provides user access to Attendance Enterprise. This configuration uses an IIS server, application server, and database server to distribute processing.

How is AE secured?

The Attendance Enterprise architecture embodies a coherent and consistent strategy that adheres to Microsoft architecture principles. The product implements Microsoft standards for operator authentication, database management, application installation, content providers, browser clients and inter-process communications. Attendance Enterprise components address an organization’s business needs while maintaining the highest standard of performance and security.

What business intelligence systems does AE integrate with?

IntegriTime will Integrate Attendance Enterprise with most Payroll Applications including ADP, Ceridian, Great Plains, Paychex, Sage (ABRA, MAS90 & MAS200), UltiPro, PeopleSoft and many more.

The IntegriTime Team can also Integrate Attendance Enterprise with Business Intelligence technologies (Analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarking), Human Resources Applications (PeopleSoft, UltiPro, Lawson, Sage, etc..), Access Control Applications, Financial Applications, Shop Floor/Manufacturing Applications & Point of Sale (POS) Applications.

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